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Indie Air Radio, Synthetic Zen's 13th Album "Zentropy" Release Party & Broadcast on Indie Air Radio - February 20th, 8:00 pm Pacific Time

by Hawke Robinson last modified Feb 17, 2016 11:21 AM
Here is information on the 13th album released by Synthetic Zen: Zentropy. Released on February 20th, 2016, initially exclusively on

Synthetic Zen's 13th album, "Zentropy, Bringing Order from Chaos", will be released February 20th, 2016, on

IAR Album Hour Webpage 20160217a (IAR) is "A Community of Independent Recording Artists". Synthetic Zen's Zentropy album will initially be released exclusively on IAR weeks before it will be available anywhere else. February 20th, 2016, at 8:00 pm Pacific Time, Indie Air Radio will play the entire album for listeners!

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Zentropy Album Information

Photo: Cover of Synthetic Zen's 13th album, "Zentropy".

Synthetic Zen Zentropy Temporary Album Cover 20151028e 1600sq



"Zentropy, Bringing Order from Chaos", song titles:

  1. Chasing the Spirits of the Dancing Dead Through the Stars in G minor. - World Fusion. 6:54.
  2. Autumn Angels (Alchemy Alpha Prime in C minor). - Electronic. 15:51.
  3. Can You Hear Me? - Trip Hop. 4:54.
  4. Eye of the Storm (Alchemy Beta Secondus in A flat). - Electronic. 5:32.
  5. Feeling Heavy (in B flat minor). - Spooky? (suggestions for a genre would be appreciated). 4:37.
  6. Alchemy Gama Three (in F sharp Major). - Electronic. 5:18.
  7. Sea of the Immortals. - Mellow Guitars & Synths. 6:54.
  8. Alchemy Quad (in F minor). - Electronic. 13:16.






Photo: Hawke Robinson (Synthetic Zen) recording "Streetwalkin'" in his home studio.

hawke in studio guitar streetwalkin 20160212a  hawke in studio guitar streetwalkin 20160214c

The Synthetic Zen official website and contact information

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Email: thesyntheticzen at gmail dot com





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Photo: Hawke Robinson's (Synthetic Zen) home studio.

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