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All Music Sales Income Going Toward Building Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer

by Hawke Robinson last modified Sep 22, 2016 05:27 PM
A reminder that all sales income generated from Synthetic Zen music will be going directly toward building the wheelchair friendly RPG Trailer...

REMINDER: Please support your independent artists today! All sales income generated from subscribing to Indie Air Radio and selecting to sponsor Synthetic Zen goes directly to support independent artists, and Synthetic Zen is donating all sales revenue directly to the down payment for building the Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer to support special needs populations including: Autism spectrum, cerebral palsy, at-risk youth, the Deaf & Hard of Hearing community, PTSD, Down syndrome, Parkinson's and more. More details about the trailer here:

Also any album sales on any of the networks sites (iTunes, Microsoft Music, Amazon, etc.), will go toward the Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer as well.

Here is more information about the trailer (excerpts from the website): 

Here is a video summary about the Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer, and why it would be so useful and help so many people.

 The Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer will improve providing free educational and therapeutic-based services,

currently limited mostly to Spokane, to expand delivery of these services throughout the Northwest and the rest of  North America.


Services include using all forms of role-playing games: tabletop, live-action (LARP), guided choose-your-own-adventures/solo, and computer-based RPGs.


A wonderfully kind video from supporters on:

Why You Should Donate to the Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer:


The services provide many core and ancillary benefits in meeting the needs of a diverse range of people.


Populations/needs include (but not limited to): At-risk youth, ADHD, Autism spectrum (ASD / PDD), brain injury recovery, social phobias, social skill development, the Deaf, and many others.  


Video Mockup of Trailer: 




FULL DISCLOSURE: The builder of the trailer, and the lead member of Synthetic Zen, is the same person, Hawke Robinson. Hawke is founder of the RPG Research Project, RPG Therapeutics LLC, and many other efforts. He has been attempting to put all his funds into building this trailer so he can once again resume providing free services to special needs populations. So your direct donations to the trailer, or by supporting his music, will all go directly building the trailer sooner!