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New Live Music Broadcast 16 by Synthetic Zen

by Hawke Robinson last modified Sep 04, 2016 11:35 PM
If you missed the 16th live musics broadcast test, you can catch the recorded video and/or audio here. This is a mostly chill 50 minutes of music. Enjoy!


Soundcloud (edited out the talking and some of the technical glitches):

Youtube: full unedited video of live performance:

More detailed information

Streamed live on Sep 1, 2016

Test Broadcast #16. Recorded & live performances of original and inspired music by Synthetic Zen (Hawke Robinson).
50 minutes of nearly continuous, improvised, mostly mellow, live, music. Enjoy! 
Music starts at about the 1:10 mark.
Apologies for the occasional technical errors throughout, that is why these are still "test" broadcasts.
Roli RISe Seabridge 25 - USB - Microsoft Surface Pro 2, Windows 10 (should try bluetooth at some point), Roli Dashboard, Roli Equator.
Arturia Lab 49 - USB - MacBook Pro 2012 - Logix Pro X - Arturia Lab 2.
Arturia Factory 32 - USB - Alienware M11xR2, Windows 7 - Arturia Lab 2
Casio Previa PX-310+ - Roland MIDI to USB - XPS M1330n, OpenSue 13.2, Jack, ZynAddSubFX, Rosegarden.
All above plugged into Tascam US-2000.
Tascam phone jacks out to XLR inputs 1 & 2 on Focusrite Scarlett 2i/2 - USB - Asus ROG
Asus ROG, OpenSue 13.2, using Open Broadcast Server (OBS).
Listening to stream through Youtube on Chrombook 2011 Dev / Beta Mario, ChromeOS.