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My Instrument Collection

by Hawke Robinson last modified Mar 21, 2017 12:31 AM
This is a work in progress. It will take a while to list everything, but I will keep updating this posting (with photos) as time allows. Here is a list of the instruments I currently have, and the status of playability for them currently....

Stringed instruments

(proficiency level in parentheses)

Yamaha CG-120 classical nylon acoustic guitar (intermediate)

dsc 0104

This is my first guitar. It was a Christmas present from my mother in 1988. It has been through much use, and the top of the head was actually accidentally run over once by someone. It still worked after, but had some bent keys. I finally replaced those keys a few years ago. It has a wonderfully warm tone, I play it almost daily, often to play myself to sleep.


Fender 12 string acoustic steel string (intermediate)

DSC 0114

Until I bought the Ovation Celebrity, this 12 string was my main travel guitar for several years. When I was without transportation in the late 80s and early 90s, I had this strapped to my back everywhere I walked or using the bus. People started to call me "that guy with the 12 string" all over the greater SLC, UT valley. It has a thicker and wider neck than other 12 string, more comfortable for my "ham hands" from my mechanic days. It has both a rich and bright, vibrant timbre. I love playing it, and it once tuned it holds the tune well, but can be a pain to tune, and becomes a challenge to play for any longer periods of time since I use a heavier gauge. When I was in the cheesy slasher movie "A New Momma For Bubba",  there was a scene where I played "Wild Thing" take after take. It ended up being around 6 to 8 hours of takes, oh boy was that exhausting with that guitar. :-)


Fender Stratocaster Squier 6 steel string electric guitar (intermediate)

DSC 0111

My first electric guitar was a terrible white Peavy Falcon knock off of a Fender. It would go out of tune at the slightest provocation. After it did so in the middle of a concert at SLCC, I spent several weeks trying out guitars at every store in town, and finally settled on this Fender. I was able to slide harmonics, and it fit nestled in my hands wonderfully. It was at Holladay Music on 33rd in SLC, UT.

It was up high, collecting dust because it is carnation pink, not hot pink. No one would even try it. It had a price tag listed as: $1,800, slash, $1,400, slash, $800, slash $400. I was able to talk it down a hair down from that, with new strings and tuned up. In the mid-90s a friend of mine, Scott Bliss, worked at Fender guitars (previous to that at DOD pedals) in California, and he kindly souped it up with some nicer Humbucker pickups an dother tweaks. I have had to replace the Floyd Rose Springs 2 or 3 times over the years. I have also had trouble keeping the Whammy bar attached until recently fixing it all up. But it still plays great!


Fender Squier - Black & White




Ovation Celebrity acoustic-electric 6 steel string guitar (intermediate)

DSC 0117

After several times being bumped by people while carrying my Fender 12 string, I finally had some money to get a guitar designed for travel and abuse, this Celebrity has been all over the USA, on my back on my motorcycle, camping in the desert and the high Rocky Mountains. The pickups are a bit tinny, but the acoustic side is nice.


Ibanez Soundgear GiO 4 string electric bass (intermediate)

dsc 0100



Samick 4 string bass guitar (intermediate)

dsc 0102

A cheap bass. I wanted to learn the bass guitar due to being inspired by Flea of Red Hot Chilli Peppers (RHCP). I painted on it the RHCP logo with the text around it "Flea is Funk is Flea" in a circle. Its not the best playing bass, and the picks and pots are getting finicky, but it does okay when jamming with friends.


Sitar (beginner to intermediate)

dsc 0107DSC 0106

I spent more than a decade trying to track down a decent Sitar. Finally I found one at a store in Tucson, AZ that specializes in a lot of ethnic instruments. This was sold to him by someone that brought it from India. It is a genuine double-gord (2 resonance chambers) with 17 strings. It is both wonderful and challenging to play. I have a long way to go in getting better with it. I keep end up playing it in a rather blues style.



Mandolin - Morgan Monroe "Rocky Top" 8 string (beginner)

dsc 0073


Banjo (beginner to intermediate)

1976 Ibanez Artist Banjo Upright Front In Case 20110911


Charango Bolivian Uke/Guitar (beginner)

DSC 0108



Viola 16" - Ji Strings Model A-25 2008 (beginner)

dsc 0072














Pianos & keyboards:

Upright (beginner to intermediate)

DSC 0066



Keyboard - Casio Previa (intermediate)

DSC 0097



Electric - Yamaha (intermediate)

DSC 0103



Keyboard MIDI Controller - Arturia 32 Analog Experience (intermediate)

DSC 0121



Keyboard MIDI Controller - 49 Laboratory (intermediate)

2014 03 08 16 58 46 565 2014 03 08 16 59 02 688 2014 03 08 16 59 09 569


Keyboard MIDI Controller - ROLI Seaboard RISE 25 keywave (intermediate)

DSC 2047





Kalimba - 7 key coconut









DSC 0060

Dizi Bass G Chinese Bamboo Flute (Just acquired, now learning, March 2016)



Native American Wood flute, 6 hole, tuned to F# (intermediate)

 DSC 2028


Native American wood flute, 5 hole, tuned to F (intermediate)

 DSC 2033


Native American wood flute, dual, holes, tuned to (beginner to intermediate)

 DSC 2031


Native American wood flute, huge, tuned to G (intermediate)

 DSC 2030


Irish / Tin whistles (C & D) (intermediate)

DSC 0088



Didgeridoo (wood) (beginner to intermediate, but can't circular breathe :-(  )

DSC 0060



Neh(s) (8 different pitches) (very beginner)

DSC 0090



Mijwiz (beginner to intermediate)

DSC 0089



Pakistani horn (beginner)

dsc 0087


Japanese Shakuhachi

DSC 2029


Harmonica - standard (intermediate)



Harmonica - chromatic (intermediate)



Chinese Hulusi (gourd flute)

DSC 2023



Andes Double Pan Flute, straight (Zampona)

DSC 2024







African Djembe (beginner to intermediate)

DSC 2027



Small Djembe




Bodhrán Irish Drum (beginner to intermediate)

DSC 0083DSC 0084


Gathering/Pow Wow Drum





Variant Gathering drum




Talking Drum




Ocean Drum




Chilean Rain Stick

 Chilean Rainstick












Hoop Drum





Claves (Latin White Wood)





African Axatse gourd shaker








Remo Fiberskyn 3 22" Diameter 2.5" Depth Frame Drum

Remo Fiberskyn 3 22" Diameter 2.5" Depth Frame Drum







Egg Shakers




Seed Shell Shaker





Foot Tambourine




Bamboo quasiGuiro/Frog





Yamaha 4 pad Drum Machine (intermediate)

DSC 0092


Ludwig drum set (beginner to intermediate)

DSC 0099








Jaw Harp




Tibetan Meditation Bowl

Tibetan Meditation Bowl




Meditation Chime

Meditation Chime











Moog Werkstatt-01 - Moogfest 2014 Kit

Moog Werkstatt-01




Korg Volca Keys

Korg Volca Keys













Tascam US-2000 USB 2.0 8 channel 12 input mixer

DSC 0119DSC 0120


Alesis 1622, 16 Channel mixer

DSC 0095



Focusrite 2i2 Mixer & USB input

Focusrite 2i2




Focusrite 18i20 16 Mixer & USB input

Focusrite 18i20 16 Mixer & USB input







Shure SM57

DSC 2051



Audio-Technica ATR30

DSC 2049



Audio-Technica AT2035 Cadioid Capacitor Microphone

DSC 2048



USB .... Mic








Computer and software


Dell XPS m1330n (2008?) dual core - Linux, OpenSuse









Asus ROG - Linux, OpenSuse 13.2 (24 GB ram)










Apple PowerBook (2013 15")

Logic Pro X


ROLI Dashboard

ROLI E.....

 Arturia V Collection 4

Spark v2 software



Alienware M11xR2 (

Windows ....








Microsoft Surface Pro 2 64 (plus 128 GB microSD)

Bitwig Studio







iPad Pro 12.9






  • Vocals (Baritone / Bass) (intermediate)











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