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Master of the Immortals Lyrics

by Hawke Robinson last modified Jul 04, 2016 01:31 AM
Stumbled across these on my old website. More appropriately placed on the website. Composed originally somewhere around 1989 to 1993. I think the melody began to develop around 1989, and I think the lyrics began to develop around 1991, finalizing for the most part in 1993. But I could be off slightly on the timing. Depends on when I read (and they came out), Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Immortality series, since that was a trigger for the lyrics (as well as another 1-2 songs)...Lyrics by Hawke Robinson, Synthetic Zen. Jan 06, 2013 10:33 PM. Original lyrics (c) W.A. Hawkes-Robinson (Synthetic Zen), 1991

Here is an old 1993/1994 cassette audio recording of the song (unfortunately truncated).

Recorded on Yamaha M2HB 6 input, 4 track cassette recorded.

All vocals: Hawke Robinson

Guitar: Fender Squier (1989) with DOD Flanger pedal.

Variants on A minor.



I walk lost

through a land

deep with enchantment.

I pay cost

of my soul

steeped in discontent


I am king

of a land

dying with

my true one.


I see trees

up ahead

sickened by

my ruin.

My ruin.

My ruin.

Oh hooo.


A figure lies

on a stone

surrounded by



I do fight

to set her free

of tortures

many derangements.


I see her

face so pale

expression of



She smiles to me

and sings a song

from lovers hearts

and loves laments.


Chorus (female vocalist(s)):

You are thee

Master of thee

Immortals who

Are yet to Be.


You could be thee

Destroyer of thee

Immortal who

Are yet to be set free




(end chorus)




Now we wander

through a land

recovering from

past ruin.


I see thee

new born tree

sprouting from

the fresh Earth.


She smiles to me

and then she fades

a whisper on

the new wind.


I cry to her

not to leave me

longing for






Then from all around

the sky and the ground

I hear the words

of my true cause.



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