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Legends Through Shadow - Song 2 - Bonds

by Hawke Robinson last modified Mar 25, 2017 03:29 AM
Based on the events from Episode 14 of The Spartan Show's "Legends Through Shadow", from one of the player character's perspectives.

Party not skewered by Steward.
Too loudly my name and visage.
Notices of reward,
through town too many.
I cannot linger, cannot leave,
must remain with the others,
over shoulder watching for,
the hunters many.

Now forced to reveal
some of my misdeeds to party.
Wish trust was stronger,
may grow in time longer.

P3t3, the mechanical monster,
pitying its fading existence,
@rogue did bond,
Their lives forever intertwined.

Torin in stead of @bloodhunter Taliya,
met in tourney for battle.
@warlock blood sprayed seats did ask for,
I worry what in his mind does lurk darker.
Though effort valiant,
Soundly @paladin lost.

The Steward, in trade for “construct”
did relinquish stone we sought.
Where is the third?

Leaving tourney at last,
Despite "human" guise,
A Dark One found me!
Behind not far
Woe to all.

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