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Improv Multitrack

by Hawke Robinson last modified Mar 03, 2016 03:05 PM
Since I use this technique and phrase somewhat frequently in the composition of many of my music pieces, I thought I should provide a page defining what this actually is. Some people "get it" from the term, others have requested clearer definition, so this page is to provide that additional information that can be easily linked to from my various pieces.

Improv Multitrack = Improvisational Multitracking.

Generally it starts with a rough idea mulling around in my head, though not always. Sometimes I just decide I want to create some sort of style of music (such as Celtic, Trip Hop, or Rock), and may or may not have some specific instruments in mind to start with.

If I have an initial idea noodling around in my head, then I lay down that mane theme first as a single-take track.

If it is acceptable, then I just start adding additional tracks of other instruments on top of that, also usually in a single track and improvised.

The other approach is to lay down a beat or bass line, again in a single take, then lay down additional tracks with other instruments on top of that, letting the "muses take me where they may", also in single takes for each track, and building more and more layers of instruments/vocals.

Hopefully that clarifies this process for those that were curious.


-Hawke (Synthetic Zen)