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Song 1b

by Hawke Robinson last modified Mar 24, 2017 03:39 AM
Do not sway (F) too close to (C) the abyss. (Gm) All who sway (F) too close to (C) the abyss (Gm) Darkness clamps further (Em) 'round paladin's heart, (Gm?) is it too corrupted (Cm?) to save? (Bm) This heart of darkness (Em) infects all we do, (Gm) @warlock and @rogue, (Cm) not so far gone too, (Bm) but they sway (F) too close to (C) the abyss. (Gm) We all sway (F) too close to (C) the abyss (Gm) The @bloodhunter seems (D) the only with conscience, (D+5) guiding her actions (D+7) away from dark path. (D+5) Anhura “volunteered” her Taliya for a tourney?! Against the undefeated?! what madness is this? The Paladin pleads (esus4+5) to kill innocents, (esus4+3) a body for (Esus4+1) an undead head?!?! (Esus4) Too much! I say! (D) Too far! I cry! (C) This bard cannot abide! (G) x2 No matter how noble (Em) our deeds in this quest, (Gm) if our core is too rotten, (Cm) we'll fail fate's behest, (my esus4var) If expediency always (Em) trumps morality, (Gm) What then do we (Cm) really fight for? (Bm? Will not then all deeds (Cm) be doomed in the end? (Bm) Will not all our deeds (Cm) be doomed in the end? (Bm) When we sway (F) too close to (C) the abyss. (Gm) We all sway (F) too close to (C) the abyss (Gm) Bloodhunter learned (Am) The bard's sordid past. (my esus4var) Two races do hunt him (C) for such curses last (my esus4var) Belief that confidence (Am) bloodhunter will keep, (my esus4var) Should the others (c) be told? (my esus4var). Can anyone guide (Em) the paladain away (Gm) from his destruction (Cm) or is there no way? (Bm) Can we use the power (Em) of enlightened self-interest (Gm) At least his bloodthirsty (Cm) hand yet stay? (Bm) A mechanical monster, (A bar chord) destroys city's walls, (G bar chord) the rogue astride?!!! (G bar chord) All stare Agog! (E) x3? Too much attention drawn, bard vanished into the shadows, disguising himself as grandfather dwarf. Hope they fair better At long last with the Steward, after their destructive chaos, will they really be welcomed? Or thrown in irons? What fate awaits them? Now we shall see...