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Synthetic Zen Trip Through Synthville Music Video 20150205a YouTube [720p]

by Hawke Robinson last modified Jun 27, 2016 12:00 AM
A trip through dark and light in three movements. Greetings. Here is my first post in this group, I hope folks enjoy: When I composed Trip Through Synthville last year, I always had something in mind like a late night drive through various parts of the city. I whipped out my phone camera and recorded the long drive home after 2:00 am in Spokane, Washington, then mixed that with my music, and here it is. It is quick and dirty, but hope you enjoy. Synthetic Zen, Trip Through Synthville Music Video 20150205a - Synthetic Zen's 2014 Buddhalicious album - From the release notes: "A whopping 15 minutes & 45 seconds long! Started it months ago, then forgot about it, or was overwhelmed by all the changes in key. Then I stumbled across it a few weeks ago, dabbled with it, and finally today worked it into something usable (and long). It has two up-beat movements, with slower movements at the beginning, middle, and then very slow at the end. The "trip" in the title is a pun (should be obvious when you listen), both the use of the word as in to travel as well as related to altered states. Should seem like traveling through different parts of a city's districts, during various times of day and night and the denizens within, occasional emergency vehicles and more implied musically but not directly. Created with Logic Pro 9, Logic Pro X, Mac, Linux, ZynSubFX, microphones, my vocals (one area), Audacity, Arturia Analog Lab, Arturia 32 keyboard, Arturia Keylab 49 keyboard, and other tools. Enjoy!"